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Gold VAT leaching and elution technology in East Africa.

JEMA ELUTION focuses on treatment of gold ores by cyanide concentration (VAT leaching) currently owning two VAT leaching plants of over 38 tons in capacity and 3 branches of Gold Elution plants with 19 machines and definitely planning to scale-up into the rest of East African market.

To ensure business sustainability JEMA Africa Limited is investing deeply in processes and people. As a company we are committed to developing local content through skills importation, periodically training our staff and small-scale miners around our plant’s sites.

In the year 2020, we extracted over 1.6 Tons of gold with a monetary value of $81 Million and we are still growing.

Importation of chemicals for both mining and industrial

Since Incorporation in 2018, JEMA Chemicals Company limited has been importing quality minerals processing chemicals like Sodium Cyanide, Carbon, Haycarb, Akf carbon and Caustic Soda among others from countries like Georgia, Korea, Srilanka, Indonesia and Europe in to the East African region.

In the span of two years JEMA Chemical has imported 7,000 tons of chemicals and having and ambitious plan of expanding into the rest of East and Southern Africa countries.

With plans to expand to the rest of Eastern and Southern African countries in the next three years.

JEMA Institute of Technology is a pro-tech modern college located in Mwanza

Providing personal and social competencies, and imparting key skills and abilities required in working areas and in life for both in rural and urban areas.

JIT currently offers Mineral Processing, ICT and Business Operations Assistant (BOA) Courses. That aim at providing high quality education to trainnees through competence based training in order to develop knowledgable, skilled and trasformed individuals at Certificate and Diploma Levels.

JetBanking is a digital platform that aims at empowering Individuals, Groups and Financial Institutions by providing them with a digital platform to automate their day to day activities securely ,fast and affordably.

JETBanking aims to helps members to save time and be able to reduce the cost incurred when they have to meet and do all the transactions manually.

We’re proud of ourselves for transforming our clients for the better, helping them to grow & making them more resilient to the pressure of consistent changes in the business. Invest Accounting Services offer a broad spectrum

Secured, transparent, fast and affordable cargo transportation services

For transit services, Shared Services and City route services

Giving YOU Convenience, affordability and transparency in transporting your cargo around Africa is our core business at JETCARGO, a product of Jema Tech .We are committed to creating life enhancing innovative technology products to solve global social challenges on the African continent and beyond.

After being a victim of a disintegrated logistics system in Africa, a system associated with biased pricing, unreliable time schedule, unsecured transportation services, high cost of running a transportation business dominated by unprofessional meddle men, out of this experience we are digitalizing and re-connecting the logistics industry to enable YOU transport your cargo seamlessly on African continent with JETCARGO system.

Import and trade vehicles and machinery

With over 9 years of experience, JEMA Auto imports and sells used cars from JAPAN to Tanzania and other African countries like Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Congo.

Jema Auto sells all types of cars, machinery, and equipements like Cartepillars,Crushers, compressors and Crushers. While cars range from Toyota, Ford, Range Rover, Scania, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, among others.

Offering reliable markets for both small and medium scale miners, trading in different types of minerals

Another fast growing subsidiary of JEMA AFRICA, established in 2019 to provide a reliable market to small scale gold miners in the great lakes zone of East Africa with branches spread in dozen of gold producing zones.

JEMA Jione has up-to-date traded over 52.7 Kg of gold in the year 2020, which was worth over $ 2,350,015.78.

We are certified

With our gloabl certification potentials, we empower businesses to develop by exceeding borders and continents through our expertise

Professional Team

We employ proven strategies that enables team building which enhances unity and collaboration for better results.

Years of Experience

With 10 years of experience we have been serving clients in and out of the country while making sure customers are satisfied.

Customer Service

We are committed at meeting customer’s needs in a timely efficient and pleasant way so as to meet customer’s needs.

Modern Technology

The organization is constantly updating its way of operations to meet the growing demands of this global world.


Our reputation is maintained by being trustworthy to the clients by serving them beyond their expactations.