Jema Africa

Currently Jema Africa LTD has more than 5 companies which are JEMA Chemicals & Elution, JEMA Jione, JEMA Tech, JEMA Institute of Technology and JEMA Auto running with more than 200 Employees. We pride ourselves with empowering women to stardom with over 50% of workforce and from top leadership

Jema Africa Limited is a Pan-African company incorporated in Tanzania in March 2012, from a single company with only 35 Employees, JEMA Africa Limited has grown into a group of companies in different lines of business like;

  • Technology
  • Mining
  • Education
  • Trade

For the years we have been in business, we are proud of who we’ve become, and we are proud of who we are becoming.

To the best

Word from the CEO

Jumanne Mokili

Chief Executive Officer

I know this is easier said than done. Whether you are the CEO of a startup or a large multinational, you feel vulnerable at times. And it is easy to stay veiled. But as a CEO of JEMA Africa LTD and its Sister Companies, employee high performance and happiness are always on my mind.

It is my job to ensure that everyone is as productive as possible. To make that happen, I need to help each person be better than they ever thought was possible.

As the CEO, my job is to be omnipresent to serve employees.

This goes beyond ensuring that they have all the tools they need. On a deeper level, they need to know that they can approach me without personal judgment. They need to know that I believe in their potential for greatness and that I am committed to them being better tomorrow than they are today.

At Jema Africa LTD & Sister Companies, our best feature is our team of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication, and perceptiveness, continuously drive our company forward.

As an independent, and privately-owned company, our culture is far-removed from any short-term logic and is very much about building solid relationships over the years with different companies and businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

On behalf of the Executive Board of Jema Africa LTD and Sister Companies and our stakeholders around the world, we look forward to serving you and your company’s needs.

Jumanne Maro Mokili,

Chief Executive Officer.

Jema Africa LTD & Sister Companies.


Check out Our achievements

Jema Chemicals 7000 Tons of chemicals imported $6,502,045 worth
Elution1.6 Tons of Gold Extracted of $81 Million value
Jema Jione 52.7Kg traded Gold worth over $2,350,015.78.
Institute of Technology3 courses, ICT, Mineral Processing, and Business Operations Administrations
Jema Auto 9000 Imported Vehicles & Machineries
Jema Tech 3 Products