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Is a prominent Pan-African corporation founded in Tanzania in March 2012. Starting as a single company, it has grown into a diverse group of businesses operating across various industries throughout Africa. This remarkable expansion can be attributed to the visionary leadership of CEO Mr. Jumanne Maro Mokili, a capable Board of Directors, and a dedicated workforce. Jema Africa Limited has made significant investments in strategic sectors such as Mining, Trade, Technology, and Education. These ventures showcase the company's enterprising spirit and its commitment to fostering economic growth and development across Africa. As Jema Africa Limited continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in upholding the highest standards of corporate ethics, promoting collaboration, and embracing new opportunities for growth. With each passing year, the company's heritage grows stronger, and its future prospects shine brighter as it continues on its remarkable journey of success.

Jumanne Mokili

CEO & Founder
What We Do

Group of Companies

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With over 9 years of experience, JEMA Auto imports and sells used vehicles and machinery from Japan, Europe, and Australia to Tanzania and the rest of African countries like Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda.


Started in 2012, as one of the pioneers in the gold VAT leaching and elution technology in East Africa, we focus on the extraction of gold ores by cyanide concentration among other methods.


JEMA Institute of Technology is a pro-tech modern college located in Mwanza a center ofthe Great Lakes Zone of East Africa region with a population of over 30 Million.


With seasoned computer scientists and software engineers based in Japan, the US, and Tanzania, JEMA TECH is committed to developing and deploying life-changing innovative Tech products
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Creating a more vibrant world

Through JEMA, we strive to infuse Africa with our technically advanced approach to business and pave the way for more innovators and their innovations to make it to market. Thereby creating a more vibrant world. An investment in the FUTURE, for all.

Strategic vision

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Strategic vision

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For Excellent Performance We Focus on Critical.

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Expert People Matter

We Have Energatic Team For Organization

Mr. Kamianda

Principle of JIT (Jema Institute of Technology)

Mr. Thomson Maguru

General Manager of Jema Tech

Mr. Felix Mokili

Head of Jema Chemicals, Mining Chemicals Branch
Mr. George Otieno

Mr. George Otieno

Head of Life Science Branch

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Our agency can only be as strong as our peopleagenhave run their
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Mkuyuni Industrial Area, Mwanza Tanzania. P.O.Box 269, Mwanza
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