Jema Africa

A Pan-African company incorporated in Tanzanian since March 2012, from a, single company JEMA Africa Limited has grown into a group of companies in different lines of business across the African continent.

Built on the core values of, Empathy, Innovation, Collaboration, Transparency, Integrity and Hard work, in less than a decade JEMA Africa Limited has been able to invest greatly and still expanding into Gold mining, VAT leaching, gold trading, mining chemicals, digital technology and in the education sector.

  • Technology
  • Mining
  • Education
  • Trade

For the years we have been in business, we are proud of who we’ve become, and we are proud of who we are becoming.


Through JEMA, we strive to infuse Africa with our technically advanced approach to business and pave the way for more innovators and their innovations to make it to market. Thereby creating a more vibrant world. An investment in the FUTURE, for all.


JEMA aims solely to serve clients worldwide, through Africa, with real-world solutions that immediately improve the lives of our growing society through a more logical approach; to agricultural development, minerals and processing, and even managerial and logistical Challenges.


We believe in team spirit, high integrity, and professionalism as the guiding principles of doing business. We also believe in flexibility and adaptability, delivering long-term values to our shareholders, supporting the community we serve, and providing superior customer services, commitments, and result-oriented